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Welcome to the website for Zefie's SDRSharp Trunking Plugin Mod

What is it?

Zefie's SDRSharp Trunking Plugin is a plugin for SDRSharp that allows you to scan trunked systems, with the help of Unitrunker.

Why a "Mod"?

The original plugin by Bob Rich was old, outdated, and required a modified version of SDRSharp. The goal of this mod was to allow the use of the features of the trunking plugin with a modern (current) copy of SDRSharp.

Reddit user devicenull posted an updated version that worked with the current version of SDRSharp, but it was missing many key features, such as the Single Log File

Originally, I just updated the code to fix the a small bug that required you to have a "C:\temp" folder. Then, I got annoyed that every time I restarted SDRSharp, the trunker plugin forgot everything. So I made it save its settings (to trunker.xml, based on SDRSharp's Frequency Manager settings manager).

From there, with the help of various members of the community, the plugin mod has grown into what it is today.

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  • Source code is included, no change in license.
  • No longer requires C:\temp, uses TEMP Environment variable if available.
  • Slightly more user friendly, you cannot enable the plugin without configuring the Unitrunker folder
  • Settings are saved when changed, and restored upon launching SDRSharp.
  • Single log file with extreme customization for output format.
  • Version string so you know which version you have, as well as compatibility with Microsoft's versioning system.
  • When logging is enabled, the version string area will show you a preview of what is being written to the log file.
  • If the trunkLabel is unknown or not defined, we will put the trunkGroup ID in it's place.
  • Initial support for IQ WAV and SoundCard sources (of course you cannot tune outside of the available spectrum).
  • Updated Remote.dll with beta support for SourceID and SourceLabel.
  • Delay retune has been re-written, works nicely for single dongle users.
  • Updated delay retune based on signal level, beta status.

Known Issues

  • You may get an error about Center Frequency when using SoundCard or IQ WAV file source, if you are using SDRSharp Rev 1132 or lower. To fix this, upgrade to SDRSharp Rev 1133 or higher, otherwise just dismiss the error, it will still function.
  • Long log strings may get cut off in the preview provided by the version string area. This will not be fixed as it is only a cosmetic issue, and the entire string is being written to the log file.
  • The new Remote.dll requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redist 2012.1 (x86)
  • Delay retune based on signal strength requires the FFT Resolution to be 32768 or lower.

Pending Feature Requests

  • None.

Special Thanks

  • Bob Rich, for making the original plugin
  • devicenull on reddit, for modernizing it.
  • mk262 on reddit, for providing a raw IQ of a busy trunk for testing.
  • prog (aka Youssef), for creating SDRSharp, as well as adding functions to the core SDRSharp app for use with this plugin.
  • BzztPloink, for the calculation code for dB signal, in v1.2013.430.1


  • v1.2013.430.1 (Changes: Delay retune based on signal level (beta))
  • v1.2013.429.10 (Changes: Addressed an issue in v1.2013.427.33 that caused the plugin to crash SDRSharp if there was high activity on a trunk.)
  • v1.2013.427.33 (Changes: Changelog data not logged)

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