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Welcome to the website for Zefie's HackRF Plugins

What are they?

Zefie's HackRF Plugins are a set of plugins for SDRSharp that enables gain, intermediate frequency, and amp control,
via either USB or Ethernet (via hackrf_tcp).

Extras (Updated 2014-01-08 [feat. hackrf_tcp beta])

You can download my pre-compiled hackrf-tools (includes 32-bit and 64-bit) for Windows here:

Current Version

The current version is currently v1.7.


Aside from this site, you can also find the plugin binary and source on my GitHub:


  • Source code is included, no change in license.
  • Allows enabling (Default) and disabling the HackRF internal AMP
  • Allows gain adjustment
  • Allows intermediate frequency adjustment
  • HRFTCP allows accessing your HackRF over a network, like with rtl_tcp

Known Issues

  • The plugin is still in alpha/beta state and may not operate as desired.
  • Updating to v1.4 from an older version will reset your stored LNA and VGA gain values.
  • If you receive an error from SDRSharp, you may need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redist

Pending Feature Requests

  • Enable TX mode via hackrf_tcp / By zefie

Special Thanks

  • prog (aka Youssef), for creating SDRSharp, and for created the RTL-TCP plugin
  • TitanMKD, for creating the original HackRF plugin (Github)


  • v1.7 (Changes: HackRF USB: Removed unused options from dialog. HackRF TCP: First release, now included with HackRF ZefieMod.)
  • v1.6 (Changes: Addressed an issue in which some stored configuration values were not properly applied when starting the device.)
  • v1.5 (Changes: Added 10 MSPS option.)
  • v1.4 (Changes: Optimized some code via Youssef's version. Added Intermediate Frequency support (may require new firmware and hackrf-tools))
  • v1.3 (Changes: Lower sampling rates, addressed LNA Gain did not restore on start.)
  • v1.2 (Changes: Can now properly tune past 4,294,967,295Hz, and cleaned up and/or disabled unfunctional options in configuration)
  • v1.1 (Changes: Better gain support (seperated LNA and VGA))
  • v1.0 (Changes: Initial Release)

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