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What is it?

Zefie's SDRSharp Trunking Plugin is a plugin for SDRSharp that allows you to scan trunked systems, with the help of Unitrunker.

Why a "Mod"?

The original plugin by Bob Rich was old, outdated, and required a modified version of SDRSharp. The goal of this mod was to allow the use of the features of the trunking plugin with a modern (current) copy of SDRSharp.

Reddit user devicenull posted an updated version that worked with the current version of SDRSharp, but it was missing many key features, such as the Single Log File

Originally, I just updated the code to fix the a small bug that required you to have a "C:\temp" folder. Then, I got annoyed that every time I restarted SDRSharp, the trunker plugin forgot everything. So I made it save its settings (to trunker.xml, based on SDRSharp's Frequency Manager settings manager).

From there, with the help of various members of the community, the plugin mod has grown into what it is today.

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