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How to use plugins with SDRSharp:

1) Extract zip to SDRSharp main directory
2) Open SDRSharp.exe.config
3) Find the string "<sharpPlugins>"
4) Before "</sharpPlugins>", add your plugin like so.

<add key="PLUGNAME" value="SDRSharp.PLUGNAME.PLUGNAMEPlugin, SDRSharp.PLUGNAME" />

Replace PLUGNAME with the name of the plugin.
For example, if you are downloading bobrich/, you would add the following line

<add key="Trunker" value="SDRSharp.Trunker.TrunkerPlugin, SDRSharp.Trunker" />

Also, I only compile plugins that work with the original unmodified SDRSharp Developmenal Branch.
Tested with v1.0.0.1132